Mobile gaze input system for pervasive interaction

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A mobile gaze-tracking system is provided. The user operates the system by looking at the gaze tracking unit and at pre-defined regions at the fringe of the tracking unit. The gaze tracking unit may be placed on a smartwatch, a wristband, or woven into a sleeve of a garment. The unit provides feedback to the user in response to the received command input. The unit provides feedback to the user on how to position the mobile unit in front of his eyes. The gaze tracking unit interacts with one or more controlled devices via wireless or wired communications. Example devices include a lock, a thermostat, a light or a TV. The connection between the gaze tracking unit may be temporary or longer-lasting. The gaze tracking unit may detect features of the eye that provide information about the identity of the user.
Original languageEnglish
IPCG06F1/16; G06F3/01
Patent numberUS 20160231812 A1
Country/TerritoryUnited States
Priority date06/02/2015
Priority numberUS201615017820 20160208 ; US201562112837P 20150206
Publication statusPublished - 11 Aug 2016

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Application number: US201615017820 20160208
Priority number(s): US201615017820 20160208 ; US201562112837P 20150206

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