Approximate furthest neighbor with application to annulus query

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Much recent work has been devoted to approximate nearest neighbor queries. Motivated by applications in recommender systems, we consider approximate furthest neighbor (AFN) queries and present a simple, fast, and highly practical data structure for answering AFN queries in high-dimensional Euclidean space. The method builds on the technique of Indyk (SODA 2003), storing random projections to provide sublinear query time for AFN. However, we introduce a different query algorithm, improving on Indyk׳s approximation factor and reducing the running time by a logarithmic factor. We also present a variation based on a query-independent ordering of the database points; while this does not have the provable approximation factor of the query-dependent data structure, it offers significant improvement in time and space complexity. We give a theoretical analysis and experimental results. As an application, the query-dependent approach is used for deriving a data structure for the approximate annulus query problem, which is defined as follows: given an input set S and two parameters r>0 and w≥1, construct a data structure that returns for each query point q a point p∈S such that the distance between p and q is at least r/w and at most wr.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInformation Systems
Publication statusPublished - 22 Jul 2016

ID: 81135122