A computer-implemented method of recovering a visual event

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A computer-implemented method and a computer of recovering a visual event, comprising: by means of a graphical user interface, the contents of a viewport is displayed to a user as the viewport is progressively moved across graphical portions of a visual media object; while the contents of the viewport is displayed, recording an eye movement signal that is indicative of the movements of a user's at least one eye, classifying temporal sections of the eye movement signal into at least a class of long slow-phase OKN eye movements occurring among short slow-phase eye movements; setting a synchronization marker at least for a first occurrence of a temporal section classified as a smooth pursuit eye movement; wherein the synchronization marker comprises a link to or impression information of the contents of the viewport at the point in time when the first occurrence of a smooth pursuit eye movement occurred; via the synchronization marker, recovering the impression information or the contents of the viewport that was displayed at the point in time when the first occurrence of the smooth pursuit occurred.
Original languageEnglish
IPCG06F3/01, G06F3/0485
Priority date25/09/2015
Priority numberEP2016/072810
Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2017

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Application number: WO2016EP72810 20160926
Priority number(s): US201562232619P 20150925 ; EP20160157863 20160229

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