Espen Aarseth

Espen Aarseth, Dr. Art.

Full Professor

IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Building: 2F11-2T01

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Profile photoEspen Aarseth
Associate Professor
Center for Computer Games Research
Culture and Games
Postal address:
Phone: +45 7218 5045


I am the Head of Research at the Center for Computer Games Research,[ link: ] where I have worked on the aesthetics of computer games since its founding in 2003.  I am currently also director for the Games Program here at the IT University of Copenhagen. I am also Editor-in-Chief of Game Studies ( ), the oldest peer reviewed journal in the field of (surprise!) game Studies.

My current research concerns ideological, narrative, semiotic and ontological aspects of games and game communication, as well as topics such as game addiction, games and meaning, and also digital literature culture and aesthetics (what some people used to call "new media" 15-20 years ago).


Dr.Art., Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen, June 1996.

Cand philol., Comparative Literature, University of Bergen, December 1991.

Academic Positions

July 2003 – present: Associate professor, The IT University of Copenhagen (from 2009, Lektor MSK,=’with special qualifications’) and Principal researcher (Head of research group 2003-2008; 2012 - present), Center for Computer Games research.

Aug. 2002 –2012: Professor II (20%), Dept. of Media and Communication, University of Oslo.

May 2002 – June 2003: Full professor at Dept. of Humanistic informatics, University of Bergen.

2000: Researcher for the large scale Norwegian research project “Power and Democracy”
June 2000 - May 2001: Visiting Scholar, Scholarly Technology Group, Brown University.
August 1996 – April 2002: Associate Professor at Dept. of Humanistic informatics, University of Bergen.

January 1993 - July 1996: Scholarship holder/research fellow (Norwegian Research Council) in Humanistic Informatics, University of Bergen.

August 1992 - December 92: Research Assistant at the Arts Faculty’s Computing Section.

Administrative experience

Acting Dept head, Dept of Hum. Informatics, April - Dec. 1996

Board member, the Humanities Information Technology center, UoB, 1997-2001

Evaluation committee member, Assoc. professorship in humanistic informatics, UoB 1999.

Evaluation committee head and member, various positions, ITU 2004-present.

Head of Games teaching program, ITU, 2015 - present.

Member of the ITU PhD Study Board, 2009-2014.

Member of the ITU Research Ethics Committee, 2014 - present.

ITU’s representative on Ministerial committee for Open-Access Publishing, 2014-2016

International service

Editor-in-Chief, Game Studies, the international journal for computer game research,(2001-present)

Reviewer for various programs, conferences, journals.

Grants, Honors, and Project Funding as P.I.

Meltzer student grant, University of Bergen, 1990: Nok 10 000.

NFR (Norwegian Research Council) student Fellowship, 1990: Nok 60 000.

NFR doctoral reseach fellowship, 1993-96.

Dept. of Education, CALLMOO/Lingo, 1997-2000: NOK 4 million.

NFR (SKIKT) “Humaniora og de digitale mediene”, 1998-2002: NOK 1,1 million.

EU/IST: mGain- Mobile Entertainment, 2002-2004: 67 000 Euro.

Ubisoft: Emotions in multiplayer games: 2005: 8000 Euro.

The Gyldendal Lecture of Excellence, SDU, Odense, October 2008: DKK 10.000.

NOP-HS: Game Studies journal: 2011: 8000 Euro.

NOP-HS: Game Studies journal: 2012-14: 237 000 NOK.


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