Morten Hjelholt

Ph.d., Cand.Mag i Informationsvidenskab

  • 4F25-4T53


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Personlig profil


The focal point of my work, both as an employee of the Danish Ministry of Finance and as researcher in three universities has been how processes of digitalization has affected the Danish society. From this frame my research spans national IT policy formulations over time, local government adoption of IT, evolution of Danish payment infrastructure and classifications of citizens in national digital registers. The historical shaping of current discourses has been a pinnacle in my research as I seek to portray current constraints and possibilities for government employees, caseworkers and citizens. My work is positioned within a (social) constructivist frame that on the one hand seek to uncover and reveal critical problematic consequences in digital societies. On the other hand it entails an ambition of being part of directing attention and sharing knowledge to construct solutions. 


  • Digitalization of the Public Sector