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MT-Lab is a cooperative project with researchers from three Danish universities that will develop powerful computational methods and algorithms for the analysis of discrete, stochastic and continuous properties. This will result in new methods, techniques and software tools that can be used to guarantee complex properties of systems.

Almost everybody working professionally has experienced the frustration of having their computer application or web browser freezing in the midst of performing a task. This happens much less frequently to relatively simple computer programs like for instance the control program in a dishwasher or in a piece of stereo equipment. This is to a large extent due to now commonly used techniques in Computer Science such as static analysis and model checking – these types of analyses have proved extremely efficient in securing reliable functioning of simple computer programs.

However, for larger and more complicated computer systems like internet web browsers, intelligent homes, digital health care, and electronic payment systems these techniques are no longer sufficient. Indeed, future consumer electronic devices like PDAs, mobile phones, and domestic medical equipment will have a complexity that is comparable to web browsers and complex control systems.

The idea of the MT-Lab project is therefore to enhance well-known techniques on Computer Science like static analysis and model checking with modern methods in applied mathematics. The goal is to develop novel techniques that eventually will benefit the everyday citizen.

Effective start/end date01/11/200831/10/2013


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