Eye Tracking for mobile devices

  • Hansen, John Paulin (PI)
  • Lessin, Dan (CoI)
  • Biermann, Florian (CoI)

    Project: Research

    Project Details

    Effective start/end date01/04/201331/03/2016

    Collaborative partners

    • IT University of Copenhagen
    • The Eye Tribe Aps (lead)
    • Serious Games Interactive
    • LEGO Systems A/S
    • Technical University of Denmark
    • Højteknologifonden


    • IFD - Innovation Fund Denmark: DKK13,273,985.00


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    • A computer-implemented method of recovering a visual event

      Mardanbegi, D. (Inventor), Jalaliniya, S. (Inventor) & Hansen, J. P. (Inventor), 30 Mar 2017, IPC No. G06F3/01, G06F3/0485, Priority date 25 Sept 2015, Priority No. EP2016/072810

      Research output: Patent

    • Mobile gaze input system for pervasive interaction

      Hansen, J. P. (Inventor), Sztuk, S. (Inventor) & Lopez, J. S. A. (Inventor), 11 Aug 2016, IPC No. G06F1/16; G06F3/01, Patent No. US 20160231812 A1, Priority date 6 Feb 2015, Priority No. US201615017820 20160208 ; US201562112837P 20150206

      Research output: Patent