Honorable Mentions Paper Award, 2021 Conversational User Interface Conference (CUI’21)

  • Zhu, Jichen (Recipient), Myers, Chelsea M (Recipient), Laris Pardo, Luis Fernando (Recipient), Acosta-Ruiz, Ana V. (Recipient) & Canossa, Alessandro (Recipient)

Prize: Prizes, scholarships, distinctions


ACM In-Cooperation Conversational User Interface Conference develops
a collaborative community around human-computer interaction issues in speech and language technology. CUI’21 had 29% acceptance rate and awarded 1 Best Paper and 2 Honorable Mention Full Papers.

C. Myers, L. F.L. Pedro, A. Acosta-Ruiz, A. Canossa and J. Zhu, “Try, Try, Try Again: Sequence Analysis of Interactions with a Voice User Interface” in Proceedings of the ACM Conference of Conversational User Interfaces (CUI’21), 2021.