NLP Highlights: Opportunities and Barriers between HCI and NLP

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Appearance on Allen NLP's podcast.

What can NLP researchers learn from Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research? We chatted with Nanna Inie and Leon Derczynski to find out. We discussed HCI's research processes including methods of inquiry, the data annotation processes used in HCI, and how they are different from NLP, and the cognitive methods used in HCI for qualitative error analyses. We also briefly talked about the opportunities the field of HCI presents for NLP researchers.

This discussion is based on the following paper:

Nanna Inie is a postdoctoral researcher and Leon Derczynski is an associate professor in CS at the IT University of Copenhagen.

The hosts for this episode are Ana Marasović and Pradeep Dasigi.

Period20 Aug 2021

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Media contributions