Seminar on green capitalism and carbon

  • Maron Greenleaf (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentation typesLecture and oral contribution


Maron Greenleaf, Assistant professor at the department of Anthropology at University of Dartmouth will give a talk on November 9th from 12-13h. The event is open to both staff and students and no registration is required.


The carbon held in forests has new economic value created in market-based efforts to combat climate change. Individuals, corporations, and other institutions around the world can purchase carbon credits to “offset” their own emissions or otherwise invest in forest carbon—creating a “green” form of capitalism. Yet making forest carbon valuable, I explore, entails not only the standardizing work that other critical scholars have analyzed, but also place-specific relational work that keeps carbon in place in living forests. I explore this work through analysis of a government program in the Brazilian Amazon that made forest carbon—commonly seen as the proper purview of private property—into a public resource redistributed by a nascent environmentally-premised welfare state. In so doing, the talk explores the relations of green capitalism that are reshaping the Brazilian Amazon and other landscapes around the world.

When? 9/11 from 12h to 13h

Where? Auditorium 4 and online via this link
Period9 Nov 2023
Held atCenter for Climate IT (CCIT)