Robust synthesis for real-time systems

Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Axel Legay, Luois-Marie Traonouez, Andrzej Wasowski

Publikation: Artikel i tidsskrift og konference artikel i tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


Specification theories for real-time systems allow reasoning about interfaces and their implementation models, using a set of operators that includes satisfaction, refinement, logical and parallel composition. To make such theories applicable throughout the entire design process from an abstract specification to an implementation, we need to reason about the possibility to effectively implement the theoretical specifications on physical systems, despite their limited precision. In the literature, this implementation problem has been linked to the robustness problem that analyzes the consequences of introducing small perturbations into formal models.

We address this problem of robust implementations in timed specification theories. We first consider a fixed perturbation and study the robustness of timed specifications with respect to the operators of the theory. To this end we synthesize robust strategies in timed games. Finally, we consider the parametric robustness problem and propose a counter-example refinement heuristic for computing safe perturbation values.
TidsskriftTheoretical Computer Science
Sider (fra-til)96-122
Antal sider28
StatusUdgivet - 2014


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