Poster Abstract: A Practical Model for Human-Smart Appliances Interaction

Jonathan Fürst, Andreas Fruergaard, Marco Høvinghof Johannesen, Philippe Bonnet

Publikation: Konference artikel i Proceeding eller bog/rapport kapitelKonferencebidrag i proceedingsForskningpeer review


Buildings are increasingly equipped with smart appliances that allow a fine grained adaption to personal comfort requirements. Such comfort adaption should be based on a human-feedback loop and not on a centralized comfort
model. We argue that this feedback-loop should be achieved through local interaction with smart appliances. Two issues stand out: (1) How to impose logical locality when interacting with a smart appliance? (2) How to mediate conflicts between several persons in a room, or between building-wide policies and user preferences? We approach both problems by defining a general model for human-smart appliance interaction. We present a prototype implementation with an off-the-shelf smart lighting and heating system in a shared office space. Our approach minimizes the need for location metadata. It relies on a human-feedback loop (both sensor based and manual) to identify the optimal setpoints for lights and heating. These setpoints are determined by considering individual comfort preferences, current user location and a global goal of minimizing energy consumption.
TitelProceedings of the 3rd ACM International Conference on Systems for Energy-Efficient Built Environments, BuildSys@SenSys 2016, Palo Alto, CA, USA, November 16-17, 2016
Antal sider2
ForlagAssociation for Computing Machinery
ISBN (Trykt)978-1-4503-4264-3
StatusUdgivet - 2016


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