Machine Learning and Notions of the Image

Rosemary Lee

Publikation: Bog / Antologi / Rapport / Ph.D.-afhandlingPh.d.-afhandling


This thesis addresses how current notions of image production remain tied to historical ideas which often prove inadequate for the description of visual artefacts of machine learning (ML). ML refers to the simulation of in-formation acquisition using machines, and when applied to the generation of images, it enables visual content to be influenced based on the statistical analysis of data. The increasing use of ML in image production highlights several aspects which have been present in older forms of media, but which now take on new forms and relevance, especially within artistic contexts. This research seeks to clarify the mediating role played by visual technolo-gies and to demonstrate how images produced using ML offer new ways of approaching theories of the image.
ForlagIT-Universitetet i København
Antal sider174
ISBN (Trykt)978-87-7949-043-7
StatusUdgivet - 2020


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