Game, Player, Ethics: A Virtue Ethics Approach to Computer Games

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As the contemporary heirs of popular music or cinema, computer games are gradually taking over the markets
of entertainment. Much like cinema and music, computer games are taking the spotlight in another front
– that which blames them for encouraging unethical behaviors. Apparently, computer games turn their users
into blood thirsty zombies with a computer game learnt ability of aiming with deadly precision.
The goal of this paper is to pay attention to the ethical nature of computer games, in order to understand
better the ways we can evaluate their morality in western cultures providing a framework to understand
some of these concerns. This paper poses questions about the ontology of games and their ethical meaning,
in an attempt to give ethical theory a word in the analysis of computer games.
TidsskriftInternational Review of Information Ethics (IRIE)
StatusUdgivet - 2005