Fifteen years of Slovenian cervical cancer screening programme ZORA. A change in a registry concept

Urska Ivanus, Mate Bestek

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Organised, population based cervical cancer screening program ZORA was implemented in Slovenia in 2003 with Pap test and a 3-year screening interval in age group 20-64 years. The 3-year coverage of the target population with screening test is just above 70 \% and 5-year coverage just above 80\ After 2003 the incidence of cervical cancer has almost halved and has reached historically the lowest rate in 2012, with crude incidence rate 11.0 and age-standardised incidence rate (WS) 6.8/ 100,000 women. Copies of all Pap test, HPV test and histology reports are registered at the Central screening registry ZORA, reporting is obligatory by the law. ZORA registry has an online connection with the Central population registry and the Registry for spatial units; it also bilaterally exchanges data with Cancer registry. Screening is entering the era where innovative technology solutions and new evidence from research are accumulating rapidly. This may change the traditional role of screening registries from being used as additional systems within the screening programmes for monitoring and evaluation of the programme, to the central communication and decision supporting tool between the professionals involved in screening, diagnostic, follow-up and treatment of women. The concept of such screening information system was developed at ZORA. It will become integrated with the national open eHealth platform that offers seed services that support communication between healthcare system networks and promise more effective resource allocation. Open platforms suggest a structured component-based service architecture that encourages participation and enable the platform ecosystems concept which is inter-organizational networks. In the context of platforms, ecosystems represent the platform and all the applications specific to the platform. New ZORA information system will be presented and demonstrated at the workshop.
TidsskriftEuropean Journal of Public Health
Udgave nummersuppl_4
StatusUdgivet - 1 nov. 2018
Udgivet eksterntJa


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