Disrupt Your Mindset to Transform Your Business with Big Data: A Guide to Strategic Thinking

Bidragets oversatte titel: Disrupt dit Mindset og få Succes med Big Data

Pernille Rydén, Torsten Ringberg, Per Østergaard Jacobsen

    Publikation: Bog / Antologi / Rapport / Ph.D.-afhandlingBogForskning


    It is key for managers to continuously develop strategic thinking in order to build success and achieve the outcomes they aspire for their organizations. This book covers what lies at the heart of all strategies namely strategic sensemaking and how managers’ mindsets influence this process. Most managerial books assume that managers optimize their decisions based on careful elaborations informed by their experiences, training, education, and intuition. In this book we add another important perspective, namely managers’ mindsets. We identify four influential mindsets, Promote-and-Sell, Listen-and-Learn, Connect-and-Collaborate, and Empower-and-Engage. Each mindset uniquely orients, and therefore limits, how managers engage with the market place, and moreover how they use new tools and technologies such as Big Data.
    Bidragets oversatte titelDisrupt dit Mindset og få Succes med Big Data
    Antal sider264
    ISBN (Trykt)978-87-995714-2-0
    StatusUdgivet - maj 2017


    • mindset
    • Big data
    • Strategy
    • digital transformation
    • cognition
    • management