Designing a Risk Assessment Tool for Artificial Intelligence Systems

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Notwithstanding its potential benefits, organizational AI use can lead to unintended consequences like opaque decision-making processes or biased decisions. Hence, a key challenge for organizations these days is to implement procedures that can be used to assess and mitigate the risks of organizational AI use. Although public awareness of AI-related risks is growing, the extant literature provides limited guidance to organizations on how to assess and manage AI risks. Against this background, we conducted an Action Design Research project in collaboration with a government agency with a pioneering AI practice to iteratively build, implement, and evaluate the Artificial Intelligence Risk Assessment (AIRA) tool. Besides the theory-ingrained and empirically evaluated AIRA tool, our key contribution is a set of five design principles for instantiating further instances of this class of artifacts. In comparison to existing AI risk assessment tools, our work emphasizes communication between stakeholders of diverse expertise, estimating the expected real-world positive and negative consequences of AI use, and incorporating performance metrics beyond predictive accuracy, including thus assessments of privacy, fairness, and interpretability.
TitelThe Next Wave of Sociotechnical Design : 16th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology, DESRIST 2021, Kristiansand, Norway, August 4–6, 2021, Proceedings
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Publikationsdato27 jul. 2021
KapitelDSR and Governance
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StatusUdgivet - 27 jul. 2021