Computer-implemented gaze interaction method and apparatus

Dan Witzner Hansen (Opfinder), Diako Mardanbegi (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


A computer-implemented method of communicating via interaction with a user-interface based on a person's gaze and gestures, comprising: computing an estimate of the person's gaze comprising computing a point-of-regard on a display through which the person observes a scene in front of him; by means of a scene camera, capturing a first image of a scene in front of the person's head (and at least partially visible on the display) and computing the location of an object coinciding with the person's gaze; by means of the scene camera, capturing at least one further image of the scene in front of the person's head, and monitoring whether the gaze dwells on the recognised object; and while gaze dwells on the recognised object: firstly, displaying a user interface element, with a spatial expanse, on the display face in a region adjacent to the point-of-regard; and secondly, during movement of the display, awaiting and detecting the event that the point-of-regard coincides with the spatial expanse of the displayed user interface element. The event may be processed by communicating a message.
IPCG06F3/01; G06F3/0482
PrioritetsnummerUS 15/126,596
StatusUdgivet - 4 maj 2017


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