Collaborative Windows – A User Interface Concept for Distributed Collaboration

Morten Esbensen

Publikation: Bog / Antologi / Rapport / Ph.D.-afhandlingPh.d.-afhandling


Distributed collaboration is the work arrangement in which people distributed across different locations collaborate on achieving a common goal. One particular domain of work that has embraced distributed collaboration is software development. Global software development is the special kind of software development where the production of software is carried out by geographically dispersed people. Such work however, is challenged by the distance between people and a strategy for handling the complex dependencies that exists in distributed software development is to engage in closely coupled work where close collaboration and frequent meetings drive the work. One
way to achieve this way of working is to implement the Scrum software development framework. Implementing Scrum in globalized context however, requires transforming the Scrum development methods to a distributed setup and extensive use of collaboration technologies.

In this dissertation, I explore how novel collaboration technologies can support closely coupled distributed work such as that in distributed Scrum. This research is based on three different studies: an ethnographic field study of distributed Scrum between Danish and Indian software development companies and the design, implementation and evaluation of the two video-communication based collaboration tools SideBar and dBoard.

Based on these studies I present the concept of collaborative windows - a user interface concept for a special kind of collaborative video-mediated systems. A collaborative window is a video-based collaboration tool that implements three properties; (i) it employs a window metaphor to its videoconferencing features, (ii) it uses a content-on-video approach to superimpose interactive content on top of the video and (iii) it implements context-awareness to adjust its behaviour to the surrounding environment. The dissertation explains the concept and presents a design space analysis for collaborative window systems.
Antal sider113
StatusUdgivet - 2016


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