Scalable Query Evaluation in Relational Databases

  • Pagh, Rasmus (PI)
  • Amossen, Rasmus Resen (CoI)

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The goal of the SQERD project (pronounced “squared”) is to apply modern algorithmic techniques to problems arising in database management systems in connection with evaluation of queries. We aim to develop algorithms that excel in two orthogonal directions:

1. Are very scalable (work well with increasing amounts of data).
2. Are reliable in the sense that there is a solid mathematical understanding of their performance on any kind of data set they might be used on.
Previously, these goals have been achieved only for the simplest types of queries. We are aiming at extending the range of queries that are algorithmically well understood.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/200731/08/2010



  • Databasesystemer
  • Algoritmik


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