The Co-Design research group at the IT University of Copenhagen is a recognized research environment in the area of Co-Design and Participatory Design. Our core group members originate from research environments pioneering Scandinavian Participatory Design and Co-Design, and each have 15+ years experience in conducting, researching and teaching Co-Design and Participatory Design in Scandinavia, Europe and beyond. Co-Design is a design approach, where people affected by the design and solution are actively involved in the process of creating it. For us, Co-Design needs to be responsible and fostering open-minded and respectful engagement with people and their lives. We critically explore the possibilities offered by digital technology through prototyping solutions in collaboration with users. Through our work, we develop appropriate methods and tools and apply them in a broad range of application areas, including healthcare, mobile technologies, process industry, workplace and office design, and urban development. We also have substantial experience from teaching Co-Design, in studio settings as well as large classes. We are interested in a broad range of collaborations with other universities, companies and the public sector.


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