CHEM Jam: A Game Jam for Chemical Engineering Students

  • Silvia Fornos



Game jams are increasingly popular events to create games usually in small teams in a few days that have received a fair bit of academic attention lately. However, research on using game jams for teaching and learning in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) subjects is still quite limited. Additionally, game making is a widespread learning methodology in primary and secondary classrooms in Scandinavia but is not often employed in universities. The author believes that game jams, when organized, for instance, as individual events in educational and public institutions for undergraduate students, could be integrated in chemical engineering curricula as extra activities to improve learning. Thus, through this report the concept of CHEM Jam, a game jam for chemical engineering students, is introduced and challenges for organizing such an event for educational purposes are discussed.

Periode24 aug. 2020