Research Residency, Public Talk and Exhibition "Beyond Digital – Towards Biological"

  • Jonas Jørgensen (Deltager)

Aktivitet: Andre aktivitetstyperAndet (priser, ekstern undervisning samt andet). - Andet


Beyond Digital: Towards Biological (BDTB) will form a network for developing a research framework for techno-organic practice in crossing of the two faculties’ expertise in the arts and the sciences and foster potential for radical innovation and public engagement. Where previously technology has often been defined and developed in contrast to the natural world, newer technologies are increasingly reshaping the boundaries between the technological and the organic. A new wave of innovations is emerging at the intersection of digital technology and the organic matter; from environmental sensing and bio-IT-technologies to synthetic biology, and to algae-generated energy.

During the short residency, BDTB-researchers work closely with CAC Lab to experiment and explore the boundaries between different concepts of life - from artificial chemical life, to biological life, and computational life in silico. These experiments include a hanging small-scale robot that presents computational life, which nurtures and maintains the artificial chemical life evolving in petri-dishes. Another experiment will investigate the relation between biological living organisms, plants, and soft-robotic elements that embody life-like qualities on the scale of humans and animals. These experiments constitute an installation as a proto-environment that presents one type of hybrid ecology, which includes various living and non-living actors. The research and practice of BDTB seek to question different taxonomies of life, both artificial and natural. Through the installation, the researchers enable conditions for a wide spectrum of life-forms to assemble into novel configurations with unique and emergent dynamics.
Periode16 dec. 201721 dec. 2017
Sted for afholdelseChronus Art Center, Kina
Grad af anerkendelseNational


  • robotic art
  • ALife
  • soft robotics