Participation in a group exhibition in Fiskars, Finland: May-September 2013: Work title: LifeLab 0.2

  • Laura Beloff (Deltager)

Aktivitet: Andre aktivitetstyperAndet (priser, ekstern undervisning samt andet). - Andet


The piece LifeLab deals with the theme of population growth; not only does the human kind use more energy and resources per head than ever before, but also the steep increase in human population affects the future situation.
The work LifeLab investigates the theme of population growth from an individual’s perspective by looking 75 years into the past and 75 years into the future. Today there are 3 persons for every person living in 1937. In 76 years from today, 2087, there will be again 3 persons for every person existing today.
The human destiny is tied into a survival within our environment. Human species is one of the estimated 8,7 million species on the planet.
The LifeLab installation engages the audience into a dialogue about challenges in our future through participation and accumulating archive of images made by the audience.

Exhibiting artist
Periode5 maj 201320 sep. 2013
Sted for afholdelseFiskars art & design community, Finland